Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April Market was amazing

Amazing. Awesome. Inspiring. What more can I say. It truly exceeded all my expectations. So many wonderful vendors joined us and sooo many fantastic shoppers joined us. We may seem like a small group in comparison to the other weekly markets, but let me tell you it was perfect.

I have to admit that I was so busy making sales and talking to happy shoppers, that I actually forgot to take photos until after lunchtime when we almost done.

Here is what people are saying:

"I thought it was brilliant and I am hanging out for next months' market."

"I had the best market I've had in 2 years."

"The market had such a great feel and atmosphere to it. It's like a dream come true for me, (since I'm such an arty myself). Perfect location! Beaut day, fantastic that you have brought this great idea and asset to Townsville for us all. Thank you so much."
"I was really amazed at the number of people who came through, who were interested in what I do, and also the number of sales. Totally successful markets and so beautifully organised that they seemed to just work effortlessly ( which usually means that there was a huge amount of work done beforehand). Well done and congratulations."

"I would have to say great start, I loved it! I will be going to the next one. Certainly value adds to the shopping experience for locals and anyone visiting. Great variety, locally crafted and unique. Congratulations to all involved."

"I did have an AWESOME day. So happy to be part of it all Loved it. I can't wait till the next one : )"

"Congratulations on a very successful market.  All your hard work, enthusiasm & vitality paid off...  you should be extremely proud of your effort.  Thank you for bringing a fantastic market with it's own unique identity to Townsville."

"Made some great purchases! Well done to all involved. I love locally designed clothes, particularly reworked vintage. Looking forward to the next market day! We need to support our local talent."

"I bought 3 items and was super excited by all the amazing creativity around me and I loved how everyone wanted to talk about their work. Can't wait for the next one."

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